Hi Neighbor Club of Kingwood
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Hi Neighbor Club of Kingwood
Board Members

(left to right) MinhChau Epley, Nadine Jenkins, Sherran Domescik, Tammy Holekamp,
Ruthann Koza, Judy Miles
Elected Officers (2016-2017) 
President - Sherran Domescik
1st Vice President - Judy Miles
2nd Vice President -MinhChau Epley
Secretary - Sylvia McNeely
Treasurer -Nadine Jenkins
Social Director -Tammy Holekamp
Parliamentarian - Ruthann Koza
Voting Chairs
Membership - Margie Nicolai
Community Service - P V Fitzharris
Publicity - Kay Caffey
Advertising - Victoria Ramirez
Advertising - Margret Ayers
Programs - Claire Garrett
Programs - Vicki Gibbs
Reservations Co-Chair - Susan Soderquist
Reservations Co-Chair - Debbie Sottile
Non-voting Members
-Membership Sign-in - Karyn Webb
-Publisher (Newsletter) - Leslie Sarmiento
-Webmaster Chair - Linda Plesko
-Webmaster Asst. - Debbie Campbell
-Corresponding Secretary - Susan Burroughs
-Historian/Photographer - Francesca Fowler-Franks
-Door Prizes - Joan Smith
-Special Events Co-Chair- Mary Ann Lapeze
-Special Events Co-Chair - Nancy Foisner
-Newcomer Coffee - Diana VanHorn
-Newcomer Coffee - Lee Ann Sprick
-Hospitality Chair - Marion Ross
March 2017
Hello Ladies,
As I write this, the sun is shining but we have definitely seen some ups and downs in our weather lately. We have not had much Winter and our sweaters are still bundled up from last Winter waiting for cold weather! Besides, I heard that our Armadillo of Houston saw his shadow, so Spring is around the corner, folks!
Our March Luncheon will be held at Raffa's.  March is a busy time for our club and we have several things going on at the luncheon this month.  We have the Activity Group Raffle fundraiser organized by Nancy Foisner. The Nominating Committee will present a list of candidates for the 2017-2018 Executive Board, and this is also the annual Birthday Luncheon to honor our past presidents of the club.  This will be our 43rd birthdayI consider that a true success story for Hi Neighbor Club - Kingwood.
We love having new members join our club so let's be sure we all make them feel welcome.  Remember you were new at one time, too!  The best way to get someone interested in our club is to ASK THEM to attend.  Tell them about our many activity groups and show them where to sign up.  Introduce them to our members. Let's make all of our ladies feel that "Southern Hospitality."  Sometimes we get too involved in our own little groups and forget to meet new people.  
Also, I would like to remind you to have your checks ready for $22.00 at the luncheon.  It is also that time of year when you can renew your membership and be entered in the early bird drawing.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the March 8th Luncheon!
~ Sherran