Hi Neighbor Club of Kingwood
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Hi Neighbor Club of Kingwood
Board Members

Elected Officers (2017-2018) 
President - Sherran Domescik
1st Vice President - Lee Ann Sprick
2nd Vice President -MinhChau Epley
Secretary - Sylvia McNeely
Treasurer - Debbie Campbell
Social Director -Tammy Holekamp
Parliamentarian - Ruthann Koza
Voting Chairs
Membership - Margie Nicolai
Community Service - P V Fitzharris
Publicity - Kay Caffey
Advertising - Margret Ayers
Advertising - Victoria Ramirez
Programs - Claire Garrett
Programs - Vicki Gibbs
Reservations Co-Chair - Susan Soderquist
Reservations Co-Chair - Debbie Sottile
Non-voting Members
-Membership Sign-in - Karyn Webb
-Membership Sign-in - Carol Shultz
-Publisher (Newsletter) - Susan Soderquist
-Webmaster Chair - Linda Plesko
-Webmaster Asst. - Debbie Campbell
-Corresponding Secretary - Susan Burroughs
-Historian/Photographer - Francesca Fowler-Franks
-Door Prizes - Joan Smith
-Special Events Co-Chair- Mary Ann Lapeze
-Special Events Co-Chair - Nancy Foisner
-Newcomer Coffee - Diana VanHorn
-Newcomer Coffee - Judy Miles
-Newcomer Coffee - Nadine Jenkins
-Hospitality Chair - Marion Ross
October 2017
Wow! What a month we have all had. To the ones who flooded, my heart breaks for you. I know your pain as I also flooded. To those that did not, know you have suffered too. I can go from overwhelmed, to thankful, depressed and frustrated in 60 seconds. Please let me know if I can help anyone in any way. We belong to such a great organization that there are many hands willing to help. Ok, I digress, back to the business of Hi Neighbor Club - Kingwood.

The Board has been working very hard to make things come together and to do the best we can for everyone. This has been difficult to say the least. Our first meeting will be held at Walden Country Club on October 11th. You might want to consider carpooling.

I hope you have all paid your dues so you can be included in our new Directory. The dues are $20.00 a year. The luncheons, for members, are $22.00 a month and $25.00 for guests. At each luncheon there are sign-up sheets for our various activity groups. This is a great way to make new friends and have a fun time.
We are having a guest speaker at our first luncheon and I think you will really enjoy listening to her. She is an expert in her field. Come and meet her and learn her secrets. I know it is our first meeting of the year and you have not seen many of your friends for a while and want to catch up, but I ask that each of you make a special effort to listen and give her the attention she deserves.

I look forward to seeing each of you and starting our new Hi Neighbor Club - Kingwood year. Let’s all make an effort to be friendly to the new members and make them feel welcome.
~ Sherran