Hi Neighbor Club of Kingwood
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Hi Neighbor Club of Kingwood

Luncheons are held on the second Wednesday of the month. (September thru May) Reservations are required. Reserved seating may be requested.
The price of the luncheon is $22 for members, $25 for non-members. Checks, rather than cash, are very helpful.  PLEASE WRITE CHECKS IF POSSIBLE.  Please have your luncheon check written prior to arriving at the reservation tables to check-in. We will have reserved seating this year. We need your help if you are making reservations for a group. 
  • It is very important to sit at the table you are assigned to.  When one or two people sit at a table they believe they should be seated at, the effect on many more tables is a disaster.
  • Please note that tables at the tables at Raffa's seat 8. Also, we have a seating cap of 125.  If your group is larger than a table can handle, we recommend that YOU split your group the way you want it split when you make the reservation.
  • Before you email or call in names of those to be seated together, please contact them and confirm that they will be able to attend this month; that no one else is making a reservation for them; and that they will be responsible for the cost of the meal if they are a no-show.
Our April Luncheon has been canceled due to the Corona virus
We highly suggest you curtail your Activity Groups as well.  
when you make your reservation; NOT the day of the luncheon.
(Reminder: no take-home containers are available.  You may bring your own "take out" container.  (helps to keep the price of the meal down)  NOTE:  This includes all venues where we have our Luncheons.
Deadline for Reservations:
to be determined.
Make a Reservation
Reservations for luncheons may be made via e-mail. You MUST make sure you get a confirmation from the committee within 24 hours and before the deadline for you to be sure they received your request. If you don't, please call one of the members of the reservation committee.
Please include your name, phone number and any seating request.
Click here to make a reservation.  Or, you may go into your favorite e-mail program and send your reservation to reservations@hineighborkingwood.com, or call Susan Soderquist at 281-967-3636 or Debbie Sottle at 1-703-317-7544.
Reservation Policy
  • Group reservations welcome.
  • Check is the preferred form of payment.  Please make your check payable to Hi Neighbor Club - Kingwood.
  •  Deadline for reservations, Noon the Friday before the luncheon.
  •  If you e-mail, make sure you get a confirmation from the committee within 24 hours (and before the deadline). If you don't get one, please call a member of the reservation committee
  •  Personally speaking to any member of the reservation committee confirms your reservation. Family members will not take your reservation. Leaving a message on an answering machine or voice mail does not confirm your seat.
  •  A waiting list will be started after reservations close. IF YOU MUST CANCEL, PLEASE CALL so those on the waiting list may have your seat.
  •  NO SHOWS who don't call, will pay $22. If you cancel AFTER the deadline, you WILL be billed if your seat is not filled.
  •  The restaurant does not take reservations or cancelations.
  •  Member cost $22. Non-member cost $25. If you join Hi Neighbor at a luncheon, you will pay the member rate.
  •  At each luncheon a short time will be allowed for members to make announcements regarding Hi Neighbor activities. Contact the President prior to the meeting if you would like to address the group.
  • Requests for permission to advertise a community event at a luncheon should be submitted to the President no later than the Tuesday of the week BEFORE the luncheon, for consideration by the governing body. Announcements and networking tables for groups which are not activity groups of Hi Neighbor must meet some additional requirements which will be addressed when your request is made.